How to move media and notes from one shot to another

Hi all, I’m new to Shotgun and already I am creating problems for myself.

I completed my first animation and submitted a video to the shot task for review. The director immediately approved it.

Unfortunately, I attached it to the wrong shot. Is there anyway to move the media and notes to the correct shot. Or, even just delete them completely and redo it on the correct shot.

This was a really stupid mistake on my part, but I can’t be the only person to have ever made it.

Help, Dan


Hey Dan,
The Shot a Version is linked to, is stored in the link field of the Version:

You (or someone at your site with the right permissions) should be able to change that ‘link’ value for your Version from one Shot to another.

Notes follow exactly the same convention - you should be able to change the values in the link field to the correct Shot.

Let me know how you get on!


Thanks Mason,

That mostly solved the problem. All the media and notes are now on the correct task. The only thing I couldn’t fix was animation task that things we incorrectly linked to still has a thumbnail from the media.

I’m not too worried about that though, as I will be submitted my first (correct) animation for that task today and I assume that will update the thumbnail.

Thanks again,