How to track a Shot that goes from one department to another and back again

Hey there! We are trying to figure out the best way to track a shot as it goes from one department to the next, and then back again without making too many granular tasks for each time it switches departments. Wondering if anyone has encountered something like this before and has a good solution.

An example for us looks like this right now:
Shot enters lighting, lighting gets approved to move to VFX, VFX finishes a pass then hands it back to lighting, lighting makes tweaks, etc. It may go back to VFX and bounce between the two departments for a while as things get finessed.

Has anyone figured out a good way to track something like that in Shotgun?


Hi Nick,

Thanks for reaching out! If you’re not keen to use Tasks, you could setup custom Statuses on the Shot itself to show where the Shot is in production. Eg. ‘InLight’ for when it’s in Lighting, ‘InVFX’ for when it’s in VFX. That way, you’d only have to update the one Status, as opposed to using Tasks and could easily see where all your Shots are from a Shot List View. Do you think this would suit your workflow?



Hey Astrid,
Thank you for the response! Using the statuses is a great idea. We ended up using statuses but at the version status level identifying if it was “Ready for Next Department”, which would then prompt that task to be put on hold and the next department task to be set as ready. Testing it out to see how it works.

We chose to stay away from adjusting the Shot statuses for now since we are pulling reports from those. I could definitely see us going that route though if the version status workflow doesn’t work.



You’re welcome, Nick!


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