How to file download on Shotgun


Hello, all.
I am in an animation company using Shotgun very well.

I have a question about file download on Shotgun.
Our animators need to upload the final Maya files on Shotgun for delivering to our render team.
And render team needs to download the files from the animation team, but if they’d like to download all of them, they need to click every single file one by one. It will be quite tiring work.

Can I know how to download all at once? Is there any button for that?
If anyone knows this, please reply to me.
Thank you for reading this.

Have a good one.


Hi Elle,

If animation team and render team are in same network, they could setup central storage and use a folder to save those maya files. So you don’t need to upload and download.

If the two teams are working remotely, you could ask TD to create a script to download files to a desired directory or use AMI to create a menu for the entity to download.




I see. Thank you for your kindness.