Maya file type for review

Forgive the new guy, I have read through the docs and searched everywhere for answers to my question.

My team created assets (.ma file format) for the project and published files using the shotgun menu inside of Maya. I switched them to hold for review, but no notification is sent to me.
I am set up as the reviewer (I am the admin as well) However, there is nothing in my tasks on the site, or in create (understanding it does not import the .ma format, which would be a benefit) notifying me to review content.

What am I missing at this point?


Hi @pbandstra and welcome to the forum! I’ve moved your question to the #shotguncreate category so it gets the right eyes on it!

Hi @pbandstra! Currently Create only supports showing Versions within the app–exported file formats like MOV, EXR, JPEG, etc.-- rather than Published Files (.ma, .mb, etc.). So if your artist uses the Send for Review option in the Shotgun menu in Maya, they should be prompted to make a playblast that will automatically be sent to Shotgun and readable in Create.

Basically, Shotgun treats Versions as things to review, and Published Files as files to share between artists. So two slightly separate workflows, although we acknowledge a lot of people are doing both at once and that experience could be a lot better.

There’s actually an exciting update in testing now to make this even easier between Maya and Create, so I’ll let you know when that’s available.


Hey Dennis, thanks for the response.
However, the Shotgun menu in Maya only has 3 line items - Load, Publish, Shotgun Panel - iIdon’t see Send for Review.

I am sure I have missed something.

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Ah, actually it’s me who got confused; I was thinking of the menu option in Nuke, not Maya. What you actually need is the “Upload for Review” option inside the Publisher:

This should show up if you’ve already made a playblast in Maya. You can also drag and drop reviewable media into the Publisher as well to make a Version.


Hey Dennis, that is a step in the right direction, and saves the thumbnail issue. Thanks.

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