Downloading in Bulk

Hi! I created a page with a version view, Is there a function that allows me to select multiple files and download them all at once? Thank you!

I’d ALSO love to do this! So far I haven’t found anything except for adding a “Source File” column that makes it easier to download things without navigating to multiple pages.

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ShotGrid can be extended with AMI’s (Action Menu Items) that could send your request to a webserver for processing and then give you a downloadable zip bundle.
It’s custom tooling but a very manageable thing to build for a Pipeline TD.

Ping me a message if you’d like to dive further into that.

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Hi! Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll try to look into it.

Do we have any solution for the same? We have been looking into this for so long and haven’t found anything yet, we are manually doing this, which is very time-consuming.

As I mentioned, Sg is extendable via various ways.
A pipeline TD could make an AMI does things exactly as you would like.