Lineup sheet in SG

Need help with customization:
is there a way to have VFX lineup sheets in Shotgrid? Pages that consolidate a thumbnail/image which we could markup, a list of elements associated with the effect, handles, in/out, speed change info etc for the shot. Basically we are looking to have a place in SG with a lineup page format where we could enter all this information. I realize the individual “shot” pages have a lot of this info across multiple tabs, but we are looking for a 1 stop location for our supervisor to enter the info.

I dont think this comes from the Out of the Box functionality or could be build with a Custom page in that way (unless you just make a page where you display records from a shot or custom entity and expose fields like that.

If thats not what you are looking for but you’d rather have some sort of layout like a Filemaker layout then it can be created as a AMI app for ShotGrid.

Drop me a line if you are interested in getting that developed.

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