How to customize the mapping between shotgun entities and RV "Entity Fields"

Hi, I got a request from our production team not to display archived projects or omitted shots in RV screening room. Is there a way that I can filter out those entities in the browser of screening room? I carefully read through all related posts, and tried to achieve that by editing the But it seems that the mapping process has been pre-defined. I can only play with the fields.
I’m quite new to .mu scripting. Any information will be appreciated. Thanks in advance if anyone can help.

Hi, is there any documentation to look up for this question? I saw another similar post here: How do I modify Shotgun Info (shift + i) menu in RV? - #2 by Greg_Naud
This could be a very helpful feature. Because we have our own shot cut update workflow, meanning we are having lots of omitted shots on daily basis.
Thanks for any potential help!