How to Change or Offset the TaskIDs? (Inserting taskIDs between 100 and 101taskIDs)

Hello. I’m quite new to the ShotGrid.

I’m currently organizing the RnD project’s tasks which is sorted by task ID. (Not by StartDate)
And there’s a point, where I’d like to add tasks between something like 1001 and 1002 taskIDs.

Is there any way to do this? (Maybe… changing or offseting the taskIDs ? )

There is a way to delete all tasks, then using spreadsheet to import the tasks, but I find it a little troublesome…



the ID field on any ShotGrid records is the literal id number of the record in the database.
These are auto-generated and will never stably increment by 1.

I would not recommend you build your workflow around the id field.


Thank you for your reply,

Instead of using taskID field, what kind of field is recommended for this kind of situation?
Priority seems useful, but it seems I do not know how to set increment numbers, such as Excel and Spreadsheets…(the one you can drag the fields to set increment numbers instantly)

Any recommended suggestions?

Can you explain the workflow you are after?
I’m not sure I understand what you are trying to accomplish.

Thank you Ricardo.

I have a Houdini’s Research and Development Asset making project going on, where have a bunch of RnD tasks. RnD tasks are not sorted by Shots, Sequences, and named as TODO tasks.

So, I ended up with creating inputting these TaskData(by Order) inside Spreadsheet tables, then import these data into SG.

Inside SG, it looks like something like this


These tasks are “sorted by orders”, so it looks fine when I sorted by Task ID at first time.

However, throughout the the reviews, these orders will be broken when I added new “SomethingE” task which needs to be placed between B and C.

It’s not smart to have a increment numbers in front of the Task name.
Also adding custom priority fields might be useful. But I do not know how to increment numbers easily…(like Excel’s old style dragging)

Right now, I ended up with sorting by StartDate, which is initially shifted by orders inside Spreadsheet. (Then shift it, if another tasks are came in.)

Other than this, if there is good solution for this kind of situation, or any recommended useful fields, I would like to know!


You can create custom fields and use that to order if you like. You can import the number data into those instead.

But the ID field is inherent to how the database (and every other database in existence) works so its not good to base your workflow off.

Thank you, Ricardo.
I will try to make a custom field to sort it out.
Also thank you for the tip of importing numbers, too.

Is there any easy way to create incremental numbers at once inside SG? :sweat_smile:
I don’t find anything like it when I right click the tasks.

I just wonder how you guys do this kind of things…

There is no function that by default increments numbers.

Task scheduling is usually based on something like this:
A usefull function inside ShotGrid is that Tasks can be scheduled for a start-date and made dependent on other tasks, thats how the scheduling works.

The simplest way for your workflow to work would be to add a simple integer field to tasks and sort on that. You would then fill and freely change the sort order by changing the number in that field per task.

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Making dependency to change the Start-date seems the good solution for my work flow. Thank you.

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