Custom shot order

Hi guys,

We’re working on a sequence (127 shots) and I’m trying to make a custom order to the shots in the shots tab, since the shot names / numbers delivered by the client are not in edit-order. Anyone know how to do this in an easy way?



Hi Daniel,

Welcome to the community, nice to have you here! :wave:

One way of managing this would be to create a new number field on the Shot called “Cut Order” or something to that effect. Then you could populate that column with the correct numerical sequencing to reflect the order the Shots need to fall in. Once you have the order populated, you can use the page Sort options to view your Shots in the correct editorial order.

I’ll check in with the team to see if there are any other solutions, but this may be your best bet, and the most simple.



Update: there is a field called Cut Order on Shot, you don’t even need to create it. This field relates to our Import Cut functionality. It can but updated using the cut system, or it can be done manually through general entry or the Importer. I would keep it simple and use manual entry if you don’t require full cut functionality in Shotgun. Always best to keep it simple.

You can export an EDL as a .csv and then import the details into your Shots on the Shot page.


We added a handful of timecode-related fields to our Shot entity that we use for sorting, among other things. It’s something I rely on a lot on the client side, but might be overcomplicating things if you just need the sort order. But if you have the timecodes already, it’d be a simple .csv import.


What might help with this too is if there was some way to set a default sorting order for these things.

We have a custom “Sort Order” field on tasks to achieve this same concept. But one thing that makes it clumsy is that we have to manually set the sort for it on every page. Including when we add a task pipeline step column to another page. So it’d be big help if we could have it defaulting to sorting by our field.