How to change default color mangement in nuke

I’m trying to change the default color management in nuke13 to open with ocio instead of the default nuke for my users.

This seems to work locally as OCIO is set in nuke, however when I use shotgrid > file open > new file. The colour managment resets to nuke and doesnt use ocio. Is it possible that there are some default settings in shotgrid that are overriding my settings set in nuke?

I think it might be Nuke that is resetting the config.
We have a hook that runs on file open/save/new which sets the OCIO environment variable before opening the new scene. This affords us per-project OCIO configs. It works well currently (there were issues with resetting OCIO on older Nukes).
You can also set the variables SHOT, SEQ, if you have per-shot looks and such.

Do you have any suggestion how I could go about changing this? Its strange to me how it could get reset through shotgun but work without using it.

Hi @k99 !

This is a known Nuke bug (don’t know the issue number, but you can find it in their bugtracker) and there is a (ridiculous) workaround for it. Just add this to a studio wide file ( I hope you have one) :

def set_ocio_color_management():
    if nuke.Root()['colorManagement'].value() == 'Nuke':
        # Simply switching to "OCIO" can leave the "Thumbnail" and "MonitorOut" settings
        # in the on the root node in an old state. To force an update on these, we
        # need to switch to "Nuke" and back to "OCIO" again.

nuke.addOnCreate(set_ocio_color_management, nodeClass='Root')

Hope they address that in future releases.



This works. Thanks. I would like to ask however it is normal behaviour for the default color management to still show as Nuke in the preferences (not project settings)

Other than that this looks good

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Yes, it is. Unfortunately there is no way to set this value in python or any other way (and believe me, we searched far and wide). You can only set it manually for each artist. The Foundry needs to add that in. It is kind off odd, because it feels like Nuke is going out of its way to NOT use OCIO. Pretty annoying issue.

Here is the issue in the Foundry bugtracker