Getting color corrections to affect all clips in a session

I’ve noticed that when I modify the exposure or gamma on a clip, it only changes the color for that one clip, and not all clips in the session. In the documentation, I noticed it talks about being able to do mostly what I’m thinking, by using the Display Brightness or Display Gamma options in the View menu.
However, we’re using OCIO, with the rv_ocio_setup plugin, and that appears to be disabling those Display Brightness/Gamma menu options. I’m sure we could write a fairly simple plugin to modify the exposure across all sources, but I just wanted to see if anyone had any easier ideas for ways to make something like that work in the UI?
One thing that seems to work is to disable the OCIO settings, and then use the Display Brightness/Gamma. But is there a less complicated way, and is there a way to make other color adjustments global, such as Exposure?


Hey @Alan_Cheney,

Unfortunately if you enable OCIO, the display management is completely handed over to OCIO and RV no longer handles it, so there isn’t really an out-of-box solution for this.

If you’re thinking of applying transforms post-display transform, I think you can do 2 approaches here that I can think off the top of my head:

  • Set up a couple different toggles for the Display node via the OCIO config where you can apply different gamma depending on context, and that way you don’t have to deal with RV’s complicated pipe.
  • You can write a plugin to apply gamma/exposure/etc changes to all sources in the session, as you’ve mentioned.
  • Add an RV display node at the end of the OCIO pipe, and manually fuddle with the gamma through that node via a custom menu/hotkeys.


Hi Alan,
have you tried adjusting the exposure/gamma in the layout view and then going back to the sequence? I had similar issue and this worked for me

That’s actually a brilliant idea, and does seem to work - thanks!