How to apply OCIO from rvio?

Hi all,
I want to bake OCIO color space using rvio command, what could be the best way to do this?

I have tried to export a “rvio ready session” (.rv file) from RV GUI with OCIO enabled and use that .rv file in rvio command to get the OCIO baked mov file. But this works only for the input sequence loaded in that RV session from which I exported the .rv file. Is it possible to generate a generic .rv file that can be applied to any input?

Hope this makes sense.
Thank you.



Hi Anitha!

One of the ways you can do it is to load up your media with OCIO enabled in RV, set your profile, then write out an RV session via RV -> File -> Save Session As....

Then you can run your RVIO command on the session file:

rvio /path/to/input.rv -o /path/to/

You can replace the path to movie in your session file if you’d like to apply the same profile to a different file.



Hi Alexa

Thanks for that.

What we are trying to do is to convert a large number of sequences in batch using rvio.

Is it possible to do the OCIO conversion from the command line using rvio?



Hi Jacob,

You could actually intentionally ‘misuse’ one of the features intended for working between operating systems/sites with different drive mounts.

RV provides a special variable prefix that can be used in the media’s movie path called RV_PATHSWAP. You can then define this environment variable and it will replace any instance of it. It is intended to be used to set a base path, but setting the full movie path seems to work just fine.

For instance, you can modify the movie path in the .rv session file to have

string movie = "${RV_PATHSWAP_SOURCE_A}"

This allows us to set RV_PATHSWAP_SOURCE_A as a variable to our file. As you can see, we could have any number of variables, as long as they start with RV_PATHSWAP.

To use this, set the variable of the media and run your RVIO command. In this case, I run something like this:

env RV_PATHSWAP_SOURCE_A=/Users/kesslem/Desktop/  /Applications/ ~/Desktop/color_process.rv -o ~/Desktop/

Find more info on pathswap here:



Hi Michael, that is exactly what I was looking for. It worked like a charm :slight_smile:
By setting the RV_PATHSWAP_SOURCE_A env I am able to process the batch of files and apply ocio using a single ocio_session.rv and rvio command:

rvio ocio_session.rv -o

Thank you


Amazing, Thanks Michael!


Hi there
I know the topic is pretty old
but is there a way to do save-as rvio ready file in command line instead of using RV interacitve ?

since i was already building the rv file with rvSession thru python, i ended using Rvsession as well to add an extra OCIOLook node with the correct parameters.
This was suggested by comparing the content of the orginal rv file with the one saved as a ready to go rvio file
hope it helps