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Hey, thanks for this OCIO post. Despite this post being clear and well written, I’m still struggling to get this set up.
I have an OCIO config that I want put in a central location and connect everyone to it.

Getting tripped up at the off with adding a path to the RV_SUPPORT_PATH.
Tried in a shell 'rvpkg -include ’ but received an error.

Had a look at the python scripts on this page and although I know some python (artist’s python!) I couldn’t work out where to add the path to the ocio config file.

I’d love a bit more of a step-by-step guide.

Sorry for being a bit needy




Hi Steve, I’ve moved this over to a new topic, we can share any important tips back in the original.

The OCIO config rv_ocio_setup.py that you edit should by in your PYTHONPATH, rather than just in your RV_SUPPORT_PATH.

Have you tried putting in in your PYTHONPATH or in the python directory of your RV_SUPPORT_PATH?



Thanks Michael,

I have a python path for nuke, I assume it’s the same kind of thing. Would this be an environment variable that RV looks for?



Correct. All python interpreters will look at that path. You can separate directories in the python path with : to have multiple of them.


The config is set in the function ocio_config_from_media, which should return a Config object, e.g. by OCIO.Config().CreateFromFile(config_path).
ocio_node_from_media then returns a configuration dict, which describes the corresponding node to be created, depending on the stage.

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Thanks mmoshev, that does shed some light. I need to dive in to the doc and get my head around this.

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Here is our custom rv package.
It derives from the built-in ocio source setup.
It is installed using rvpkg (the steps are described in the manual).

Again the key functions are ocio_config_from_media and ocio_node_from_media.
In this package, we read a mapping from project to ocio config, and return this from the former function.
The latter decides which color spaces to use depending on the input file format, etc.

Hopefully this will be useful.

btl_ocio_source_setup.py (19.2 KB)


Thanks for your rv package, mmoshev. Im sure it will be very useful.

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