OCIO Configuration Error (Play in RV)

Hey there,
I ran into a quite complicated error.

I needed to adjust the OpenColorIO Basic Color Management package.
My company manages environment variables in rez, but for RV we decided to go a different way. We write the path to the config file in a version shotgun field when we publish from shotgun toolkit. This way we can configure rv without rez.

Therefore I needed to make quite a few changes.
First I listen to the graph-state-change event, to see if the parameter tracking.info is available, then I can reload the ocio config (currently 1.1). Afterwards I can automatically set the colorspace to fit the information given in another shotgun field (rather than in the filename, as suggested by the default implementation).

This works fine in Screening Room, when the browser is launched in RV. But when I start RV from shotgunstudio (Play in RV), I get this Error:

ERROR: OCIOIPNode: Config::GetProcessor failed. Destination colorspace is null.

I guess it is a runtime thing, becauce the error sometimes looks like this:

EERRRROORRE::R ROOOCCRIII:OON IIFOPPOCNN:Ioo OdduIeesP::iN noCCgdoo ennO:ffC iiICggOo::Dn::ifGGsieepgttl:PPa:rryGoo eccfteeoPssrrss ooodcrrie ssffpsaaloiiarlly ee:fdd a…Li GlDD eeeFdssU.ttL iiLDnn eaaHsttDtii ioo(nnn1a )tccio
oollnoo rrcssopplaaoccrees piiassc enn uuillsll …n

Also, when I added 10 milliseconds of sleep to where I thought the error was caused, the error-message appears more often and in between different debug messages.

This is new in RV 2021 and does not happen in RV 7.8.0. Also it does not happen if I choose Compare in RV

Do any of you know where I can adjust my code to fix this? Whether it be in the shotgun_fields_config.mu, the ocio_source_setup.py or the config.ocio file…

I grateful for any suggestion.
Cheers, Henriette

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