OCIO does not load correct when rendering through RVIO

I’m having some trouble with the OCIO when I try to render a sequence with RVIO. In RV my OCIO Setup is working fine and the file transform aswell as the display transform is set correct. If I save the RV session and render it with rvio it’s giving me the following error:

ERROR: OCIOIPNode: Config::GetProcessor failed. Source colorspace is null.
ERROR: OCIOIPNode: DisplayTransform error. Cannot find display colorspace,  ''.

Also the output does not have any color space transforms on it and is looking like the linear exr.

When I try to open the Project in RV everything still looks fine and the color space transforms are set correct in the OCIO menu.

Is there any good way to debug this? I can fix the whole thing if I force the colorspace again by disabling the whole OCIO, rebuilding the menu and enabling OCIO again…but this is not a nice option. Any Ideas?


Okay I found the error… RV had the OCIO enviroment variable set dynamically based on the incoming source file. When sending it to RVIO it was missing this enviroment variable and because of that it could not find a colorspace even tho it had all infos in the rv-session file…

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