Houdini - startup - Error while parsing a menu definition file

Hey group,

On a certain workstation I’m getting the following error when starting Houdini through SG Desktop.
Any ideas what maybe causing this?

Pasted Image 2020-05-29 14-08-44




Hi David

Our code it seems is looking for the help_menu Menu and then inserting the Shotgun Menu just before that. Have you customized the Houdini Menu to remove or rename the help entry?

Also what version of Houdini are you running, maybe it is newer than we have tested and things have changed?


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Hello – just adding the error text from your screenshot, so it will show up in searches:

Cannot find element 'help_menu' needed for ordering of 'tk-shotgun'. 
Could not find element 'help_menu' to modify.
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Did this ever get resolved? I’m getting exactly the same issue in both Houdini 18 and Houdini 18.5. I can confirm that, aside from the Shotgun integration, it is an entirely vanilla installation of Houdini. The help menu is present once Houdini loads and still appears to be called “help_menu”. My vague suspicion is that somehow Houdini is attempting to build the Shotgun menu before the help menu.