History suddenly missing

Hi, it seems that the history of our data on SG was wiped out a few months ago.

If I right click and “View History” then for it’ll only show history from the last few months. Any changes before that are missing, on all jobs.

Can anyone offer possible explanations? Is it something that can be requested by an Admin (we have a few)? Or is it something that might happen automatically, perhaps in error?

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One thing I can think of is that your event log entries are not being kept for too long. You or your admin should check what is the setting here under the Site Prefrences - Advanced section

If that number is too low then it would only keep the event logs for that many months.

There is a way to download the previous event logs, after the retention period they are dumped from the Database to a zip file and should be downloadable in your account somewhere.

This is done to keep the database performant and not bloat.
Since every action such as viewing a version or changing a field generates events it can bloat the database over time.

Thanks for the responses guys. Yes our setting was set to 6 months. I’ve upped it to 12 but is there a steer as to how much things would be affected performance-wise if I doubled that up to 24?

Also, I’m sure things were kept for longer previously. Has this setting been amended automatically? I may be wrong here.

Thanks again!

As far as I remember this change was announced quite a while ago, possibly around 2017 or 2018 if I’m not mistaken?

It was back when you had the Subscription Admin site instead of Autodesk Identity.

Okay, yeah, must’ve missed it. No huge deal, glad to have the info now, cheers.

Would be nice to know if anyone thinks doubling up to 24 months would cause noticable lag in any way…

That likely depends on the usage of your site and the size of your operation.

It makes a difference if you are a studio of 1000 users, 250 users or 50 users…

Sure, okay thanks, I’ll do some trial and error I guess. Cheers.

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It just depends on what you need the event logs for in your company and for how long.

I can see a reason for it if you need to audit for security purposes for example.