Hide notes by permissions

Hi everyone,

In the permissions - people section, is there any solution to hide notes with a specific type field ?

Or if you have any idea about a solid methods.



Two ways you can hide a field for a permission group –

  1. Under Admin menu choose the field “Permissions - People” , in the page under each permission group check for “field permission” option. Under that it displays all the fields in each entity. Choose the options based on your choice. Image 01 is for reference.

  2. On any field on the notes entity page, go for configure field and choose the permission group for whom it needs to be visible or not, image 2 is for your reference

Image 01:

Image 02:


You can also contact SG support to implement Conditional Permissions - we do this to hide some entities from 3rd parties based on certain conditions

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Sorry for my reply,

Thanks for your time.
I would send to the support for setting custom type.

Thanks again