Hiding Fields in the Field Dropdown


Is there any way to hide specific fields from the fields dropdown on an entity?

I’d like to create a lot of fields to create a custom page that displays task statuses horizontally, but I can only do so how I’d like to do it by creating many query fields. I wouldn’t like to over-populate the field dropdown. Is there any way to hide fields from the dropdown field selection, but have them remain visible to users when on a page?

Thank you,

-Phil F

Hi @PhilFranjo ,

Changing the visibility of a field can only be done via permissions per Permission Role, or across an entire Project with Tracking Settings. One isn’t able to selectively hide fields in the UI.

The only way to hide a field in the Fields menu would be to hide it from the Permission Role with SEE permissions, but then the user also wouldn’t see it on the page either.

I hope that helps!