Permissions: Manage […] Fields…

Hi all, how can I enable users to create their own queries? We’re using this document as our guide, but I am not sure what kind of permissions I need to enable to allow them to do this as non-admins. Specifically it is the “Manage […] Fields….” function that is usually not available for regular users.

Or is there another way they can create pages with calculated totals?



Hi Chad,

Thanks for writing in, I’ll be happy to help out here.

Creating fields actually falls under a specific advanced permission option called Use Admin Options

Once this is enabled, that permission group will be able to create fields (including query fields)

I should note that this option includes a couple of other things, you can read the full list of what this entails below

- Use Admin Options

Another option if you don’t want to give permissions to create fields, you may want to consider allowing users to create graph widgets. These can be created an modified on the fly without needing to add other un-wanted permissions.

If you have a specific example of the type of query you’d like users to create, do let us know and we’ll see how we can advise.

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to give me a shout.



Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the response on this. I sort of suspected it would require the Use Admin Permissions option. It would be great to avoid that if possible.

I think the main thing we want to do is simply see sum totals for things like number of days scheduled per task, etc. It seems like it would be some super simple to do, but we haven’t found a way to do it. I suppose the graphs option could work, though.

We will take a look into it. If you have some other ideas on how to implement this, I’m all ears.



Hi @Chad! A lighter weight approach may be to have them use Page (Column) Summaries since those are available to the Artist role out-of-the-box. As an admin, you can also save these settings on pages. For instance, from a task page, they can right-click on a column, select “Show Page (Column) Summaries” > and configure it to show the sum. Then, just group by what you’d like summed up, and you’ll see those nifty little sums at the top of each grouping.

Could this help?


Nifty indeed. This is exactly the simple solution I was looking for! I think this will work in most cases for us and I’ll make it a page setting so it’ll be ready to go for everyone.

I think we will still look into the graphs option for a quick overview of the work…who doesn’t love graphs, right?

Thanks a bunch @shaynad!


Nice, glad that’ll work. :relaxed:
Indeed! Love those graphs too. :chart_with_upwards_trend: