Found a possible bug with Tracking Setting

EDIT: This was an error on my part (a Status Field Configuration on one of the entity type was not set properly). Ben_xzj found the problem.

I have this error message when trying to create a new asset:
create failed (reason_code 6): Invalid field value, update failed [ 5 - Update failed for [Asset.sg_status_list]: ‘wtg’ is not a valid status. Valid statuses: ‘rdy’, ‘ip’, ‘rev’, ‘apr’, ‘rtk’, ‘hld’, ‘cncl’.]

This bug only happens if I remove the Status “Waiting to start” in Traking Setting > Asset > Status.

Workaround: Put back Waiting to Start status in tracking settings and hide the status.


Hey Ben, just to let you know, I moved this over to the “Shotgun” category, as I think it will get better attention here.

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Thanks, Phil for put it in the right pool.

Hi @benwall,

You are seeing this error as by default, we set “waiting to start” as the default value for Status field of Asset entity. Once removed, when you create an asset, Shotgun could not find the default value thus throws out the error.

If you do not want to use Waiting to Start , you need to right click on the Status field, and get into the following configure page; Set the default value to something else, and then remove Waiting to Start from the list.

Hope it helps you.