Forgot password legacy login

i forgot a legacy login password
how can I reset this credential? the legacy reset password does not appear when I try to change password.
thank you
See " Legacy Login and Personal Access Token" section

Hi @aless

You can also visit your site at


hello guys, thank you for your answer
I have to reset a legacy login password, not the autodesk account password

in the “legacy login and personal access token” section, I can change a password BUT it ask me a old password…


What is wrong with the solution I have provided ? Have you tried it ?


as I said, I do not reset the account autodesk password, but legacy account password, they are two different things

That IS the purpose of the link I posted.

but ask me to reset password, I do not want to reset the account password, only the password to use legacy account…

are you telling me that I have to reset all the password?

This will reset only your legacy passphrase for that site and that site only. It will not impact your Autodesk Identity password.

thank you, it works, its weird I can not find this link in the legacy account settings