Filter by Row Color

Hello! Is it possible to filter shots by row color? I have a filter to know if I have the final audio, the row turns green when we do. I would like to be able to filter and see only my green shots.

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Hi @gsavard :wave:

Welcome to the forum! So there isn’t a way to filter by the formatting rules colors themselves, but, you can filter by the conditions of those rules in filter widgets, or by creating a page filter if it’s something you look up repeatedly.

For filtering tips, and creating page filters, check out our Navigation video topic here.

If you create a page filter, you can just recreate the same conditions in your formatting rule over to the page filter conditions.

Conditional Formatting Page rule:

Recreating this rule as a page filter:

Or you can use filter widgets instead if this is more ad-hoc filtering.

After reading this, if you’re still looking to filter by the conditional formatting rule color itself, do leave your insight with our Product team for consideration:


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Awesome! Thank you Shayna :slight_smile: