Colored background based on restricted column


Is there a clean way for artists to see the color rules in a column that has been formatted according to the content of another column that they can’t see?

So basically, we have a column “A” that contains a value based on which we set the background of column “B”. Artists can view “B” but don’t have permission to view “A”. Currently, they can’t view the colored background in column “B”.

Any help appreciated,


Hey @Kevin_Lmr,

Thanks for the question, and welcome to the community!

Currently if a user can’t see a field on which a rule relies then it does not evaluate for that user. All queries/filters/rules on a page are evaluated from the perspective of the user viewing them. I’d recommend sending your idea to our product team via the roadmap page:


Hi @brandon.foster,

Thank you for your answer.
I’ll send a request for this feature.

In the meantime, do you see any workaround?


Hi Kevin,

The conditional formatting rules are applied after the grid is drawn based on what is visible to the user, so the only way to achieve the result you are looking for is to have a rule on a field that is visible to the user, you could possibly have the visible field with the rule on it be updated automatically with the event daemon?


But like Brandon mentions, to have this as a “clean” solution it sounds like a feature request is the method there.