Asset row color based upon Task status

Hi everyone,

Is there a way to make an entire Asset row take on a different color based on Task Status?

I can format using the general Status of the asset as a rule, but we’d like it to take on a color if any Task on that asset is on a specific status.



Hi Xian,

You can format the entire row by using the row formatting options, check out the doc here;

Just right click on a row cell and chose the “Format All Rows > Change Row Color with Rules


Hi David,

Yes, I went through to those docs. Problem is if I try to create a Rule there is no way to link to Task Status, only to the Asset Status.

I can do it from a Task View, but not from an Asset View.

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Hi Xian,

Sorry, I miss read you question, unfortunately the conditional formatting rules only apply to the specific entity and rule can only be created with single entity connections.

As the Entity > Task link is a multiple entity connection, the conditional rule cannot be made there.

One thing you might be able to try would be to use the event daemon to automate the status of the task/s to modify a field on the Asset (such as the status but not limited to) and have a conditional format rule on that field?


That’d be great, I’ll look into it. Thanks a lot!