Omit color cells

There is a way if we change the status on a shot to" Omitt", to automatically change the BG color of the cell of the shot to red?

We created a New Global Rule>Format all Rows>Change Raw Color with Rules >Omit

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Heads up. I have often struggled with global formatting rules myself. It is a bit hard in Shotgun to understand what rules are applied in a list, unless it is ultra un-ambiguous such as red formatting on an omitted item.

However, formatting another cell or row in Shotgun can mean something else but it will not be clear to the end user.

The same goes for local formatting on cells in lists where different pages can format values with different meaning.

Often in Excel, you are able to make a small legend in a sheet explaning what different formatting means.

I have previously asked for a way to explain pages (general information, rules etc) in the page itself. Perhaps using a widget or showing all formatting rules and what they mean on the page.

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