Can't use "current" for cell formatting

Hi! Just wondering why it’s not possible to use the “Current” feature for creating rules regarding to cell formatting, or am I just missing something?


Hi @GordonPinkerton,

Welcome, and thanks for your question! Generally the “Current” token is only available in certain contexts where Shotgun can easily evaluate what that context is. For example, when looking at the detail page for a Shot, filters you create within the detail page can filter for the “Current Shot” since that’s the context we’re in.

I’d wager that since the formatting rules are evaluated on a page level, it’s not sure what “this” record is. That being said, if feels like the information should be there to evaluate such a rule (I mean, we do it for query fields on the entity), so it may be that it just wasn’t taken into account.

So that’s a long-winded way of saying: it doesn’t do that right now, I can see how it’d be useful. I’d recommend submitting your idea to our product team so they can take it into account into their future plans.


Thanks! I figured it had to do with that, and I could see it not working as a “Global” format option because of the reasons you stated. And yeah, could be that the “Page” format option isn’t totally gathering info on what the actual page is. Either way, thanks for the input, and I’m glad this forum exists and is active!