"File not Found" when trying to open a Query field thumbnail after associating it with a MultiEntity field


I am currently creating an environment on ShotGrid to review game icons for outsourcing

To display a smartphonePreview thumbnail image in the Query field of GameIconEntity (GameIcons), I did the following things,

  • Register those Preview images in another Entity (GameIconPreviews)
  • Prepare a Query field for Preview in the GameIconEntity (GameIcons)
  • Display the thumbnails on Query field in the GameIconEntity(GameIcons)

The thumbnail display of the Query field on the GameIconsEntity page itself works fine, but when I double-click on the thumbnail image, I get “File Not Found” or something similar as shown in the attached image.

It is a mystery why the GameIconPreviews entity is showing “File not Found” because each Preview image is correctly uploaded as a Version. If anyone has encountered similar symptoms, please share your solutions.