Can't find global file entity


years ago I created a global file entity and uploaded our logo to is, so that I could use a query field to place it in playlist layouts.

When I check the playlist entities that logo field is still there with our (old) logo in it, so the file entity clearly exists still.

I now need to update the logo but when I go to a global file entity page I cannot find it.
The file entity has the id 444 (as you cans ee in the screenshot above) but the global file entity page only lists entities starting at 2724 (yes, I made sure all filters are off).
What could I be missing?

If you open another file entity detail page and replace the id in the URl, does that work?

My file entities don’t have detail pages.

Can you not do this via the API instead?

or maybe temporarily enable detail pages?

I tried enabling detail pages but still couldn’t get to one for some reason. I must he missing something.
Can definitely use the API but was hoping to understand what’s going on here.

Shame that the SG team doesn’t seem to participate in this forum anymore like they used to. I wonder if that is an Autodesk mandate fir some reason.

Will log a support ticket as well I think as I’d really like to understand this.

So I can access the file entity vai the api with this:
sg.find_one('Attachment', [["id", "is", 444]], ["image"])

But why I can’t see it in the UI remains a mystery to me?

Attachment are project entities, so are you sure the file wasn’t mistakenly linked to an archived project ?
That would explain why it’s hidden in the UI I believe.
(you can check that by adding "project.Project.archived" to the list of fields in your api query)

Thanks @Carine , great thought! It is not attached to an archived project but turns out it is attached to a template project, which may be explain things.

I have updated the filed via the api now so all is well.