Project Entity not Searchable in SG site

Problem: One of the project entities created on our SG site is not searchable, not linkable in single-entity fields, and not usable as filter entity.

This results in problems such as timelogs logged under the project not appearing outside of the project scope (not showing up in the HumanUser Timelogged tab).

This means this project is accessible by URL and existing hyperlinks, can be retrieved when you query using API, but cannot be queried through the web interface.

One thing to take note is, the project might have been created by duplicating an existing project, and then renamed to the current name.

Any idea how to fix the issue?

Thank you

Are you sure your Project has not got the is_template field checked?

Hi Ricardo.

Ya, the is_template field is unchecked. Template projects are searchable though, and they can be linked in fields, so it’s most likely some other problem.

Just checking, you mentioned a Project entity, do you mean a CustomProjectEntity?
Or one of your projects (a record)?

It’s one of our project, not a CustomProjectEntity.

Not entirely sure how to help with the limited info available.

Your better off making a support request so they can see whats happening:

Contact Customer Support | Autodesk Knowledge Network

Alright. Thank you!