Exporting RV Annotations Directly into Shotgun

Hi there,

Is there a way for an artist to open a version in RV from Shotgun (right click → play in RV) , then make annotations in RV and export ALL annotations directly to Shotgun in the form of a note?

We would like the annotations made on all frames to be exported and linked to a single note.

Any help would be appreciated!

Hi @taylor,

Have you been using Screening Room for RV? There you should be able to do what you want out of the box.

Please make sure you have Screening Room enabled under RV -> Preferences -> Packages -> Screening Room and RV -> Preferences -> Packages -> Shotgun Integration.

If you go ahead and annotate the frames you want, then you can go to Shotgun -> Launch Browser, then Shotgun -> View -> Details Pane and where it says “submit annotations or notes” type in your note. Once you hit submit button, all the annotated frames will be grabbed and attached on the note:

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Thank you! We will test this soon <3