RV Player - Failing to save annotation


I’m not sure if others have details about this, but for some reason, I cannot save annotations on RV player. If I write a note and draw an annotation, the player will continue to try and save it forever.

If you look at the attached image, you can see an annotation and note, but no matter how long I leave the saving/uploading, it will never save/upload the annotation.

Has anyone had a similar issue with an RV player in the past? Also, I just want to add that if I close RV player but check the shot on the shotgrid, I can see that the note was uploaded/saved but not the annotation.


I’m having the same issue…
Open in RV > annotate > submit as note… NOTHING
Open in Screening Room for RV > annotate > submit as note… NOTHING
Play in SG/Flow > annotate > submit as note… SUCCESS

But i want to do it from RV… I need to launch playlists full of shots and be able to annotate them all and send these annotations back to each shot as a note, just like it used to be…

Autodesk, any help ?

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