Environment Variable(s) for Prefilling Site URL

Anyone happen to know all the environment variables that need to be filled out for pre-filling the studio’s site URL? I don’t seem to be finding the right ones and the docs format has changed.


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I believe you’re looking for these:

Though, I don’t believe RV_SHOTGUN_DEFAULT_LOGIN works if you’ve migrated from Shotgrid to Autodesk accounts.

see section “Site-wide Control of Server URL or Login Default Values”


Hi @Michael.Kessler

To add to @collinbanko 's answer, there is also RV_SHOTGUN_SSO_DOMAIN
For clients using SSO with Autodesk Identity, this allows stepping over the initial Autodesk Identity page where you type your email. It brings you directly into your SSO login.

This is for RV versions since October 2021 or so.


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