Entities names changes > add of "es" at the end

For our studio, we decided to rename the Sequences entities as Cinematics.
On the main navigation bars it’s OK, the name stays as we wrote it. But on some pages, “es” is added at the end.
For the screenshot, it’s when we’re on a Shot page, and we want to go back to the previous step (sequence renamed Cinematics). In the yellow circle, you can see the different spelling.
Do you know where it cames from?

On the main navigation bar, this “es” at the end was added as well but I was able to change it by going on the Project Action, then Navigation.

Thank you for your help,

would be appreciated if a “Shotgun” person can have a look at this issue :slight_smile: Thanks and wish you all a great Xmas season.

Trying to have a feedback on this subject :slight_smile: