Entity name on Details page should be editable

When on an entity’s details page, e.g. Shot Page or Playlist Page, I think the name at the top should be an editable field, so that changing it is simple and intuitive. At the moment the entity name on the top of a detail page is a link to itself (i.e the page you are already on), so it’s pretty useless.

Does that make sense?



Hi @frank,

Thanks for sharing your ideas here. To edit the entity name on the detail page, you could configure fields to show the entity code (e.g shot code field) and rename it there. Refresh the page, the new name gets updated.

As for the entity name tab, and the link to itself. I agree that we could make it more useful. I’ll leave it here for others to comment and vote.


Hi @Ben, thanks for the prompt reply. I am aware I could show the field but that is redundant information and just makes for a more cluttered and less intuitive UI.
The ability to rename the entity via it’s tab would be a lot more sensible and make SG a little bit more intuitive IMHO.