Schema editing API and renaming Custom Entities

Is there an API which allows renaming CustomEntities? The “display names” of custom entities look like they exist outside of the DB?

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Hi @Rhea_Fischer,

Unfortunately the CustomEntity DB names are not re-nameable, and I would suggest putting in a feature request, but I don’t see this getting changed (due to technical db reasons) anytime soon or at all.

Sorry I can’t help more!


Thanks for your reply @DavidMason. I wasn’t really clear however.

I’d like to know if there’s an API to change the entity display name as is done through the Admin: Site preferences page on our Shotgun site.

I do understand that the names in the postgres schema can’t change (as they don’t even when the “display name” is changed in site preferences.

Hi @Rhea_Fischer,

Sorry for the confusion, Yes, you can change the name of a field using the schema_field_update() function.

As an example, I changed the name of the code field for CustomEntity01 like this;

properties = {"name": "New Custom Name",}
sg.schema_field_update("CustomEntity01", "code", properties)

Just by following the example in the link above. You can get the properties of any field with the schema_field_read() command.



Thanks David!

Using this with extended manifest data in tk-framework-perforce. It supports a script which conforms custom entities and fields as needed (with appropriate warnings).

This would be super useful. Just ‘right click, rename’ on pretty much anything would be amazing. Who has time for scripts and stuff?