Overlay Player | Renaming Field Names?


I’m struggling to find a way to rename the fields we expose in the More Info section of the Details pane in the Overlay Player.

Maybe it’s not possible at all but I’m looking for a solution akin to renaming field names in normal grid views or Detail pages.
Right now things look like this for us, most of these are fine but the linked Shot fields are pretty indecipherable unless you hover over them.
@warren.trezevant maybe I’m missing something in a config.



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Hi @MatteoVeglia. What you’re describing should be possible, as long as you have permission. Check is to see if you have permission to do these types of edits, and, if you do, then you should be able to configure any field as you would expect.

Hey Warren!

Thanks for getting back to me, I’m actually set to full Admin here at Distillery (how fancy); but I did check and didn’t see any edit permissions turned off for Admin.

But yeah looking at the fields when I open the Overlay Player I don’t see any immediate way to rename them in/for the overlay player:

For example, changing the “Link > Sho…” which is Link > Shot > Status, renaming that to just Shot Status.

Thanks for checking your permissions. Let me investigate and I’ll get back to you

Followed up with our team, and this is their response:

It’s not possible to do what he’s asking for:

  • Renaming a linked field will rename only that field, but not its reference. And he would like to add an alias name to the column, so instead Link -> Shot -> Status to name it Shot's status
  • There could be another way to fully expose the column’s name, but the frame’s borders are not resize-able

Sorry we’re not able to provide this functionality for you at this moment. I’ve added your request to our backlog

Thanks Warren! Yeah I didn’t think it was possible within the tools current spec, even a resize for the panel would be nice.