Field with URL link to Version Page

Hi there, how can one add a column field to Shotgrid that has a direct link to the version page, for the version in the row a user is looking at?

I want a convenient way for artists to be able to share URLs of specific versions to Production.

The only way I have found to navigate there currently, is to:

  1. Wait for the thumbnail to generate after uploading a version. (Can take several minutes)
  2. Press play on the thumbnail.
  3. Open up the Versions/Comments Draw in the top right of the media player
  4. Hover the mouse to over the “Open Version Page for this shot” button in the top right of the drawer (looks like a share icon)
  5. This takes me to the version page, where I can copy the web page URL to send to someone.

There must be an easier way?

Thanks very much for your time!

Bumping this, is it possible to add a link in a to the version page in a column, to make it easier to share a direct link to another user?

I believe the Version Name field is itself a link to the Version’s Details page directly. Do you need an additional field?