Is it possible to auto-populate fields when creating Version notes?

Looking to auto-populate the To: and Cc: fields when creating a Version note.
The email would based on which Vendor the Shot was assigned to.

I would have assumed if the artist is the vendor that any notes on the version automatically get adressed to the vendor, is that not the case?

Oh, interesting – I think what you’re saying actually suggests that ShotGrid auto-populates the “To” field based who uploaded the Version.

In our case Vendors send their version to the VFX Editor who handles the organization of the files and then uploads the Versions via API, so we’re seeing the “To” field auto-populate with a reference to the API

If I got that right, it sounds like we’re looking to adjust the auto-pop. based on our particular pipeline.

Yes, in that case you should alter your workflow/script and make sure you set the “artist” field to the vendor who created the version (or vendor group if you use those).

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That did it. Thanks for the tip! Worked perfectly!!

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You are welcome! :slight_smile: