AutoFill Fields for All Notes in Review Notes App


I am wondering if there will be any developments in the future to the Review Notes App? I’m wondering if there is a way to create fields at the top of the app whereby you can auto fill the notes section fields on each version in a playlist using the Review Notes App.

At the moment, you have to click the drop-down arrow (circled in red) on each note to fill in the following fields:
‘Note, To, Subject, Type, Cc, etc’

If I have 50 versions in a playlist, it can be quite redundant to copy and paste in the header for a note in preparation for the dailies session:

[SUPE Dailies]

As well as Ccing the same production alias on each version, i.e.: ‘yvr_test.’

If I go to send my notes to the team, the only fields in the ‘Send my Notes’ section to modify each version note is ‘Type’ and ‘Subject’ for each note. But, this still leaves ‘To and Cc’ empty on each note.

Image for filling in ‘type’ and ‘subject’ for all notes in the playlist:

Note result from filling in ‘type’ and ‘subject’ using ‘Send my Notes’ fields:

It would be nice to auto-populate all fields to avoid the redundancy of using the drop down arrow on each note and filling in the same information. This is also helpful if I send the ‘Summary Email’ to production where maybe a Producer only wants to see the snapshot from dailies, and send the individual notes to each artist who had a version in dailies (and Cc the show’s production alias for all notes).

This will be helpful so in the case I’m asking a coordinator from a specific department to reply to a note for a kickback to their department, that they see the notification in Shotgun and when that coordinator replies, the team sees the reply and I don’t have to manually add the production alias to the CC field on the note, or the coordinator has to remember to Cc the production alias on the note as currently I will be the only person that is notified of their reply on the note.

Thank you,

Laura Dochtermann

PIXOMONDO | Digital Production Manager


Hi @Laura_Dochtermann,

Welcome to the community! These all sound like fantastic ideas for enhancements. There aren’t immediate plans for the Notes app, but I’d recommend you submit your ideas directly to the product team. Read more on that here:


Copy. Thank you, Brandon!