Can we change fields name for particular projects?


Is is possible to change the name of some pre existed fields like durations, Bids etc for particular projects only?

I need to customised some of my projects but I also don’t wats to effect other existing projects as well…

Not to my knowledge.
Can you not create a dupliacte field just for the current project and use that instead?

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You can change the name of the field with a display label per project I think.


Yeah, looks like that would work, and then ShotGrid renames the field in Filters, etc. with the altered display name and then the name of the field in parentheses.

However what @Ricardo_Musch suggested would also work, and if you needed further customizable options like statuses or whatever that would be easier with a separate field probably.


Oh really? I didn’t know that! That’s neat :slight_smile:

Yes it worked, Thanks a lot guys for suggestions!!

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From my experience the renaming of a field header in a list view is a page setting, so just be sure to update it accordingly to all the relevant pages.