Changing name of Entities & Shotgun code rewriting

Continuing the discussion from Entities names changes > add of "es" at the end:

Hello, I’m trying again here to have a feedback regarding this subject by changing the name of the topic.
Does anyone has the same issue? I can’t find a way to have the additional “es” added at the end of Entities we decided to rename.

Many thanks!

I have had a similar issue! My suggestion would be changing the name of your entity to Cinematic and then it will pluralize properly. I realize this might seem somewhat counter-intuitive because you’re used to thinking of these as a list of things, and not typically as one of many. But it should solve your issue pretty much instantly.

Thanks @jlweiss,
I did that already and renammed properly in the Navigation bar but on other areas it still appears :confused:
I let this go as it is. Thank you for your feedback