Sort Order for Entities in "Other" list

Has anyone figured out a trick to get custom (pipeline) entities to show up at the end of the “Other” list and not break any functions? I notice that it will take other language characters, but I’m not sure if that will break anything. All our pipeline tools are using “CustomEntityXX” under the hood.



Hey Den! Other language characters shouldn’t break anything AFAIK, we have clients all over the world using their native alphabets to name pages, entities and fields. I haven’t tested, but should be safe.

What’s the use case? Are you just wanting to keep this entity out of the way, and are dropping it to the end of the Other list so people don’t see it easily?


Yes, that’s correct - the ideal is to be able to hide entities from the Other menu, but short of that clustering all the ones together that users don’t need to mess with will be great. Thank you!