Field list of items alphabetical order


Is there a way to decide in which order all items from a field (multiple entity names) are shown?

At the moment we seem to have the items listed in the opposite order as to what we’d like. For example:

We’d like to see the latest version first (inverse the current alphabetical order), since users are interested to know what the latest version is and potentially click on it.

Since the list can get quite long opting for ‘wrap text’ is not really an option.

It is not a huge deal, but if we are not able to show the order in which items are shown in the field we are opting for hiding a field which we thought would have been really useful on our default setup.



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Hi Jacob,

Good question! I’ll need to check with our engineers, but I believe the order in which they are displayed is based on the ID of the connection entity that joins your Versions with whatever entity they’re linked to in your screenshot. That isn’t tunable in any way, unfortunately and would fall into feature request territory which you can read more on here: