Duplicate Episodes, Sequences, Shots

I’m wondering if anyone finds need for the ability to create Shots, Sequences or Episodes with the same name (so duplicates basically, even though these all have a diffents ID).

For us it brings more trouble than I see need or logic in it.
If noone does, shouldnt we at least get a warning in the Web browser upon creating a Shot, Sequence or Episode with the same name?

For Versions I can see that this may be logical, but for Episodes, Sequences and Shots its just confusing.


Hi @Ricardo_Musch,

If you don’t care for records with duplicate names such as your Shots, Sequences or Episodes, you can configure their respective fields to not allow such duplicates.

For example, if you go to a Shots page, then right-click the Code field’s header and choose Configure Field. In the resulting dialog box, check the Ensure unique values per project field.

If there are already duplicates in the system you’ll get a warning and an opportunity to make these unique before trying again.

You can also set the case sensitivity of the unique constraint.

Most base datatype fields like text or number allow you to set this uniqueness property.

Is this the kind of functionality you were looking for?



Yep, thats probbaly exactly what I was after :smiley: