Sequences / Shots names Best Pratices

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We re trying to come up with a strong naming convention for sequence and shots naming

1-I read in some Shotgun best practices that a unique name for shot is preferred (EP01_SQ0010_SH0010)
but then when it comes to create files on disk , we kinda get super long paths like
unless we use a custom field for seq and shot sg_seq_short_code and sg_shot_short_code used in the templates.yml when it comes to files paths
Whats the best practice for that ?

2-Also it seems that its not possible to have 2 sequences with the same names, which i can conceive in Feature Film project (Project/sequences/shots) but could be acceptable for a TV project (Project/Episodes/Sequences/shots). Is there a way to unblock that limitation ?

Thx for your help

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We probably gonna keep things unique as for Sequence and Shot names so they are more easily found thru the global search Shotgun website
and add a custom field sg_short_code (auto-calculated field) that we’ll use for toolkit templates and file storage so we dont end with crazy lengthy paths on disk

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We took out the sequence folder and only have



The sequence is purely there for production tracking purposes… we don’t care for it in the filesystem that much…

You could even take out the episode name

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To add to this - we also stopped using sequences as separate entities in the path.
The shot is now named {seq}-{shot}.

One of the reasons is that in a few dialogs you can see the shot name, but not the sequence name. If you have many shots and their names coincide, it sucks picking out the right one. So having the sequence in the shot name helps disambiguate.

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