Display Priority of My Tasks

Hi! Is it possible for artists to see a Priority field in Shotgun Create? Either as a visual on the tile or as a way to sorting method? I know you can show it in the info panel once a task is selected, but it would be awesome if they had some sense of priority without having to dive into each assigned page and searching it out.


Hi Gordon,

Great question! The answer is yes, this is something you can configure from within your Shotgun site. Click the Apps menu > Manage Apps. Then click the gear icon in the Shotgun Create section. On the My Tasks tab > Change Sort Order of My Tasks (see screenshot below). There you can select any field on the Task entity it should sort by instead.

You can read more about the other config settings here:


Ah I see, it wasn’t showing up there for me, but I just realized Priority is a status list so it was being filtered out as an option. I can change it or make a new field that fits into one of the accepted types, so all good. Thanks!