Different Forms for Different Kinds of Version?

Hello Shotgrid community!
I’d really like to be able to set up different “New Version” forms for different version types. Currently, the important info we want our crew to include for eg Shot Versions is different than for Asset Versions (and even different for categories of assets). In particular, because we’re working with ye olde flash, and SG can’t preview .fla or .swf files, we’d like our animators to upload preview videos to the “uploaded movie” field, and upload .fla or .swf files to custom file upload fields of the version entity. Ideally, we’d like to make uploading a movie and a .fla mandatory, but this would apply to all kinds of versions I think?
Our backgrounds are Photoshop, so those don’t need the .fla and .swf fields clogging up the form, and our props and character assets are .fla but we don’t need .swfs of them. it’s a mess.
Is there a way to have the version upload form reflect the context it’s opened in? Show one set of fields for uploading versions to a shot, and another for uploading versions to a BG asset?