Desktop freeze and spinner on MacOS

Nothing horrible, but wondering if anyone else sees this annoying behavior…

I have FPT Desktop v1.8.0 on a silicon MacOS (Sonoma 14.4.1) machine. Often after a few hours of being open, navigating between projects causes a temporary freeze and my spinner to come up for quite some time (20-30 seconds) before the project config starts to load.

This is not the config loading, it’s happening before that and from the logs, looks like it gets stuck on shutting down the communication channel (note the 34 seconds it spends on that item)

2024-04-19 14:05:41,533 [93790 DEBUG] launching app proxy for project: ...<truncated>
2024-04-19 14:05:41,534 [93790 DEBUG sgtk.ext.tkimp243c7a811fb0498cb8e8ac58d71cb9b5.tk_desktop.communication_base] Shutting down communication channel...
2024-04-19 14:06:15,957 [93790 DEBUG] [SgProjectModel] Resolving model item for entity Project:327

Anyone else seeing this happen? It’s not every time but it’s quite often as I bounce between projects.