SG Desktop + Create Slow/ Freeze?

Hi there,

We’re a small vfx studio picking up shotgun integration into our pipeline and we’ve been experiencing a significant slow down or sudden freeze of softwares on our machines. We’re working on CentOS Linux 7.5.1804 and 7.3.1611 machines.

Running either SG desktop or SG create, the start-up takes awhile but we understand this could be due to communications with the projects set-up on the web.
However, some softwares like maya, houdini, flame and SG apps seem to freeze while we are working or trying to upload a work-in-progress / use any features on the review tabs.

Not too sure if anyone else has this experience just wanted to ask if this is a known issue or if there is a solution?


Hi @Nic,

Sorry for the troubles you are having here.

First of all, you could follow the Performance Troubleshooting Guide and try to diagnose your issue here.

If no luck or not helpful, could you please submit your issue to ? And also try to launch Shotgun Create, and launch maya from Shotgun Desktop and then send over the following log files.

SG Create log:

Make sure you enable the debug mode on Shotgun Desktop ( and then launch Maya from Desktop to reproduce the slowness.

tk-desktop.log :


We will carry on our investigation from there.



Hey @Nic - I moved this to the #shotguncreate category so that the right eyes see it (in addition to @Ben_xzj :wink:)!

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